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"It's all history in the making."  That is one of the things Dr. Jennings has always taught.  That is why saving documents is important.  And all of this material, play scripts, playbills, study materials, newsclippings, production photos, were kept by Dr. Jennings and used in the classes he taught.  Sharing his keen curiosity about the world around him as if through the eyes of a child was at the core of his teaching content and style.  In this section we intend to post oral histories from his students as well as many of the pieces of invaluable teaching material that is found in the Coleman A. Jennings collection.  


Here is a video of some of Dr. Jennings' students sharing their thoughts about being his student.  

“Through my years in this profession, I have learned that even more satisfying than creating the stories myself, is teaching others to do it.”

Coleman A. Jennings

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